HE pay consultation

You deserve a decent pay rise. The value of your pay hasn’t kept up with the cost of living, while years of stress and increasing workloads have stretched staff goodwill to its limit.

UNISON’s pay claim

UNISON pushed hard for a decent pay rise for our members in higher education. Along with the other HE unions, our pay claim was for:

  • a rise of RPI plus 3%, or a minimum increase of £3,349
  • £10 per hour minimum rate of pay
  • All universities to become accredited by the Living Wage Foundation
  • A 35 hour working week
  • Action to close the gender and ethnicity pay gaps
  • Action to reduce excessive workloads and combat stress

The employers’ offer

University employers won’t stump up. Their offer falls short, with the majority of HE staff being offered a rise of 1.8%, and lower paid staff offered between 1.82% and 3.65%.

So it’s time to stand up for decent pay and decent jobs.

REJECT the pay offer

We are consulting HE members across the UK on this pay offer. UNISON’s higher education service group executive recommends that members REJECT the pay offer to campaign for an improved pay deal.

The online consultation opens on 22 May – please don’t miss your chance to have your say!

Use our pay calculator below to see how much pay you’ve lost over the last ten years, and find your university on our map to see what your VC is paid, whether your employer is Living Wage accredited, and what its standard support staff contract is.

How do I vote?

We’ll email members a link to vote in the online consultation when it opens, but alternatively you’ll be able to vote via this page.

It’s really important that we have the correct contact details so we can send you your voting link. Please go to myUNISON to check your membership record is correct or call UNISON Direct on 0800 0 857 857.

Not in UNISON?

Join by 17 June so you can have your say. Join today at joinunison.org or call 0800 171 2193


Note: This is a copy of the story posted on the official UNISON site. For the original story: https://www.unison.org.uk/at-work/education-services/about/higher-education/pay-now-higher-education